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Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
at the outer point yacht club, after past storms like irene isabelle and agnus, many learned the hard way to prepare for the worst. >> it could have high winds for two days, and potentially higher than normal tides. it's low down to where we were on the beach, the beach stuff, we took everything up the hill and on the trailer, stick it in the garage, and when it goes by we truck it back out. >> reporter: the county has people on stands by. along with swift water rescue crews, if and when flooding occurs. that is expected. also, power outages are expected but they are out of their control. asking you to do simple things. have flashlights and have fresh batteries and at least three days worth of fresh drinking water, for each person in your household, then you will be better prepared, should and when the lights go off. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> flooding from hurricane sandy is a big concern down in annapolis. don harrison tells us what the capitol is doing get ready for sandy. >> hurricane sandy, is on the way. >> the mayor and his emergency management team are checking everything being th
Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the omazing pictures. >>> from double blizzards to hurricane irene to the most recent storms, massive power failures have left maryland crippled. now the governor is suggesting a rate increase. >> reporter: am july tens of thousands were in the dark, some for a full week after a duratio. because of that the governor assemble add task force to look in the way electric companies can service customers better. one recommendation is to charge you more a dollar or two in a surcharge to go toward power lines. >> strengthening it so it can within stand the increasingly frequent and violent events. >> reporter: some lawmakers feel they're unnecessary. >> it's supposed to be part of their budget already. >> reporter: in light of the recent outages, many customers aren't willing to pay more. >> when they don't provide electricity, that's unfair. >> i think they pay too much already. my electric bill is quite high. i don't think we need to give anymore. >> reporter: the governor said electric companies would have to prove the dollar or two goes to upgrade city infrastructure saying the surcharge is bet
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and wind. again, the big rain still coming down. flood warnings still statewide. irene we got over 10 rough result the coastal concerns will be not just tonight, on the eastern shore. the chesapeake bay flooding will continue tomorrow as winds will turn southwest and tomorrow we'll be watching the bay carefully, too. back to you. >> boy, joce sterman out at bwi got a taste of the storm. look that the that. >> reporter: things have really picked up here at bwi, the bge staging headquarters. they are wrapping things up. because of the the dwindling, deteriorating conditions at this point, they will take the workers that are left and bust them out to area hotels. each one is designated to go to a different hotel. at this point the staging hear for bge has become -- area for bge has become very, very minimally active. the rest of them -- the most of them have moved on to other locations as the wind intensifies quite a bit. they are planning at this point to shut down all four staging areas when they think the weather will be better. they have these four locations scattered around the baltimore
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. my mom was down there. she said the tides were well above average, right there with irene. we have bigger waves. there it is, ocean city pier. it's gone. just the remaining two thirds of the oc pier, rainy, windy kind of a day, delaware, kent island. higher than normal on the bay because of that rising effect from really the full moon cycle and all the runoff from sandy. 42 at the airport, cold. the cold continues to spin. we continue to see the last effects of the storm drifting north but tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, breezy. i think we're dry by thursday. the cold air will keep funneling in. as we take one last look at it, less and less extinct. bring the big winds to the bay and bringing snows to the mountains and could, in fact, as a parting gift, bring a few wet flakes to the baltimore area. we're down to 36. it's going to be a cold night. 54 tomorrow. chilly, breezy. tomorrow night cool and dry. here's the outlook. the next few days sunshine will be the story into the middle of next weekend. we'll look for low 50s with lots of sun. on the whole, not a bad deal at all. >>> n
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4